TehcMology was founded by Moe Bagheri in 2020 and was named after him.

Giving the best quality of service by local professionals and experts in the requested category is what we do at TechMology.

TehcMology has experts in:

·         Embrace the power of cybersecurity with us. No matter the challenge – whether it's safeguarding systems and networks, orchestrating red team tests, or executing blue team strategies – we're here to take it on. Our team of experts thrives on defending the digital realm. Join forces with us to fortify your cyber defenses and ensure a secure digital future.

·         Information Technology:  Server, CCTV, and Firewall set up and resolve issues with softwares, applications, and systems.

·         Database: Creating, managing, and debugging database.

Step into the world of cybersecurity with our comprehensive expertise. At our core, we're open to tackling diverse cyber challenges, ranging from safeguarding intricate systems and networks to orchestrating offensive red team exercises and defensive blue team strategies. What sets us apart is our team of seasoned professionals, each a local cybersecurity expert specializing in various fields.

For those delving into the offensive side, our red team specialists meticulously simulate real-world cyberattacks, identifying vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit. On the defensive front, our blue team experts work tirelessly to fortify networks and systems, preempting potential breaches.

When you collaborate with us, you're not just partnering with a versatile team – you're gaining access to a network of local cybersecurity experts who excel in their respective domains. Together, we're dedicated to bolstering cyber resilience and ensuring a secure digital landscape.

TehcMology is based in the DMV in the USA area. We do online and in-person problem-solving.

If you have an EMERGENCY Tech issue contact us, and we will send you our first available professional.

We DO NOT require any pre-payments or any contract.


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